ooooh! that’s clever!

Sharing secrets: hiding things in plain sight generates a special connection between the site and its audience generates delight and generates a desire to share the secret.

Paul Annett, clearleft
Friday, March 13

kano model: customers have three needs: basic, performance, and excitement. technology and functionality fulfills basic needs, user analysis helps meet performance needs via ease-of-use, but unexpected delights and secrets meet the excitement needs.

These are notes from a session at sxsw interactive. My own take on topics are mixed in with what the presenters were actually saying, so do not assume all of this content is my own.

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  1. dan slaughter took much better notes on this session, specifically the Kano model:

    X-axis: quality of execution: Poor execution to Very good execution
    Y-axis: delighted customers to unhappy customers

    Types of Needs:

    • Performance Needs
    • Basic Needs: if you don’t have toiletpaper in your hotel restroom you’ll be upset. But if you have lots of rolls of toiletpaper you won’t be delighted
    • Excitement Needs: Free Wifi, discovering an easter egg on a website…. what is required for creative designers to implement.
    • Time: Things that were exciting yesterday will not be today. We need to continue to strive, to intervate, and to make websites easy and delightful to use.

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