all i want is to eat your brains.

Daniel with Heather Armstrong
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I am at sxsw interactive. This is my second year. This conference gives me the ideas and the energy to try and make a place for myself in the web industry. This is Day Two, and the panels have been great (most of them), the people I meet and re-meet have made this a blast (most of the time), and in the same day I met Heather Armstrong ( and Jonathan Coulton. I also walked past Mike Birbiglia but he was sitting at a table and I figured it would be like swooping down on a helpless rabbit who told really funny jokes, so I kept on walking.

I’m not a fanboy. Right, I have an iPhone. Right, I wear Converse or Adidas shoes. But I have never a) stolen a set list and gotten it autographed, or b) told a famous blogger that my mother doesn’t like it when she uses the F-word. Until today.

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